The comparison between SMD LED Tube and Dip LED tube

                         The comparison photo

                                 Between SMD LED tube and DIP LED tube

                                        Led      Led

          Metal     Plastic     SMD     DIP

Lamp Cap Comparison:

A:Plastic lamp cap has insulation function with high security and fashionable appearence.

B:Mental lamp cap is easy to conduct electricity,which is not safe to connect with high voltage.

Light Source Comparison:


A:SMD is suitable for automatic large quantity production,to avoid the infulence on the quantity effectively caused by manual operation.and ensure the stable function for products.
B:SMD feature with good heat emitting,high lumen flux and low optical decay(3% in 1000 hrs)


A:For DIP LED,the heat is emitted through the pins,and high optical decay(above 15% in 1000 hrs)
B:Operated by handwork only,inconvenient for automatic produce and management,and easy to cause many problems by human factor.

LED application project Between SMD LED tube and DIP LED tube

Light body: DIP LED----PVC material, badly heat emitting

Between SMD LED tube and DIP LED tube

Features Comparison between SMD and DIP LED

Comparison items T8 DIP LED TUBE & T8 SMD LED TUBE

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