Want to know how to select right power supply for LED strips? here is the easiest way!

1:  You need know wattage = current * voltage at first.   for example: 12V 3A power supply = 12*3=36 watt.

2: You need know the LED type of the LED strip you have

SMD3528  0.08W/LED

SMD5050 0.24W/LED  ( SMD5050 = 3 SMD3528)

SMD2835  0.2W/LED

SMD335  0.08W/LED

3: You need know the density and length of the strip you will buy.

for example, if you buy 60LED/meter SMD3528 in 3 meters,   so total 3*60=180LEDs   each LED consume 0.08W  so this strip will need 180*0.08=  14.4W

then you check the power supply, you can find there have 12V 1A 12W and 12V 2A 24W  and 3A  5A version,  in this case, choose the wattage bigger than your strip’s consume wattage.  so choose the 12V 2A 24W power supply for it.   you can buy the power supplies at

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