The power modular, intelligent design will be a development trend

Nowadays, some high power led driving supply still in usage phase of constant voltage source with constant current module. And as the clients’ requirements on high quality and excellent property, Constant pressure constant current integrated modular products will gradually replace the products which is equipped with constant current module constant-voltage source products. Products will gradually increase the intelligent control function.

Because of the high power LED power supply is mainly used for street lamps, landscape and other public lighting field. Affected by the international financial crisis and debt crisis in Europe and America. In foreign country, Limited investment and growth in the high power led lighting domain, then product sales mainly to the domestic market. As incandescent lamps are disabled in each country, and lighting products are promoted at full blast, the international market will be gradually expand. IN resent years, the company are engaged in the led lighting which is developed rapidly, it is benefit for our country to get into international market fleetly.