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What type of voltage and current do LED lights require to operate?

Conventional incandescent lamps are made to operate on standard AC power. Descrete LED chips themselves are designed to operate on DC current typically in the 350 mA range. As a result LED bulbs are designed with built in AC to DC converters that supply the correct current needed for the specific LED chips. LED lights may be used in place of traditional incandescent lamps without changing the fixture. Please note that most LED lights are not designed to be used with dimmers. Do not install an LED bulb into a dimmer controlled circuit with a properly designed LED lamp.  Flourescent Tube lamps operate with a specific ballast. To install a T8 LED tube replacement, the flourscent ballast fixture must be removed or bypassed to provide the standard direct connection of the 110 VAC power to the T8 LED tube.  One end of the tube receives the positive and one end receives the nuetral.