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Buying Guide of led light

1).To choose the led light which is showed“three guarantees” commitment. The system of thee guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products. To purchased the light which is marked CCC certification.

2).The led lights with a complete product identification.

3).To check the power line which whether is marked CCC certification or not.

4). Metal parts of lamps and lanterns should not be exposed. After the light source installed into the light holder, don’t touch it and electrically charged metal lamp holder.

5).To check the led chip, if the direction is right or not. If there is a wear for the lenses or the screen.

What transformers are the most suitable for LED lights?

Electronic transformers do not work with LED lights. When replacing your transformer / power supply with a new one, we strongly recommend you purchasing a dedicatedLED power supply / transformer. The right kind of transformer is an investment to guarantee the maximum lifespan of the LED lights. This would need to be a constant voltage LED power supply / transformer.Unlike electronic transformers, commonly used for halogen lights these do not have minimum load requirements, but do have a maximum so make sure the sum of Wattage used by your LED lamps or lights is less than the maximum rating of the LED power supply / transformer. To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your LED transformer keep the total power consumption close to 80%.
Please note: LED power supplies / transformers are design specifically for LED lights.