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WiFi controller solution

I have a case that need to use 3 LED strips nearly but in 3 different places in a same space. For limitation, between the 3lights, no wire can be used. And the 3pcs strip have to be able to work synchronously. SO I want to look for if there is wifi choice for my application.

Two choices are available.
Option #1 Use the 1Master wifi controller and 3Slave WiFi controller, and controlled by your Smart Mobile Phone with the software comes along with the wifi controller package.
For this solution, the Master controller cannot be used to run strips, so for 3strip, need to use 3Slave controller.


Option #2 Use 1Master WiFi controller and 2Slave WiFi controller, and controlled by the Remote comes with the Master WiFi controller.
For using this solution, as for the Master controller can use to load 1pcs strip, so only 2Slave controller.