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Explaining Several Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Are Popularly Used?

Explaining Several Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Are Popularly Used?

The innovation and the utilization of LED Light Bulbs or the Light Emitting Diode bulbs are viewed as a major achievement ever. It is one among the best innovations of mankind has ever seen. There are varieties of light bulbs to choose from the best ones for your family. Relying upon where you need to utilize these bulbs, you can look over a wide range. The most recent introduction in the field of bulbs is that of LED bulbs. These bulbs are turned out to be environment friendly, furthermore help you in to save bucks on Electricity.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • With the rise in energy costs, markets are flooded with alternative products that serve better and more effectively. The creation of the LED Light Bulbs is one among such inventive product known to lessen the rise of electric bills. This bulb is really a collection of individual bulbs of various wave lengths producing white light.
  • The light from these bulbs are discharged from a strong solid object that is also called SSL or Solid State Lighting as opposed to a gas or vacuum.
  • The LED lights can be effortlessly introduced as it is adaptable with the majority of the electrical units. These bulbs are used for brightening homes during festivals and celebrations. In addition, these bulbs are accessible in different shapes including rope lights, garlands, etc.

What Are The Benefits of Using LED Lights?

The increase in the use of these bulbs can be attributed to a number of realities that are specified below:

  • Higher Efficiency: Compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs, the LED lights are more proficient and powerful. Also, it saves energy as it requires extensively less amount of energy to heat up.
  • Lesser Heat: These bulbs produce insignificant measure of heat and it can be used for the development of indoor plants. The bulbs are also cool to touch even when lit.
  • Environment Friendly: The LED light Bulbs are referred to be eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit any sort of harmful fumes while burning. It seldom shatters or breaks; it does not contaminate the earth either.
  • Strong and Elastic: Compared to the other light bulbs, these bulbs are dependable and durable. At times it requires substitution as it doesn’t break easily. Unlike the fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs are strong and minimized in size.
  • Resistance: The bulbs are additionally resistant to cold, shock and heat. It can be used for wide number of uses.

Saving Energy with LEDs that are becoming a Choice of Many People

LED lights have become a priority of people these days. People do not like to install other ordinary lights in their houses. All they like is to give their house an elegant look with the latest designs of different LED lights. These are available in different models having different shapes and sizes on our website i.e. LED Fluorescent Tubes have turned out to be common in various houses and as well as offices nowadays. They are too much cheaper than other ordinary lightening systems and are more consistent. Nowadays, individuals are so much stressed over their electricity bills. The typical lightening systems introduced before, used to consume a lot of electricity that results in higher electricity bills. Presently, people are installing these LED tubes since they consume less power and give more output than other lights.

Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps:

Fluorescent lamps use power to energize mercury vapor inside the glass tube and always require a stabilizer to direct the stream of power through the light. A starter is in the circuit to heat the contact closures of the tube that ionizes the mercury vapor creating UV light. The inside of the tube is covered with a phosphor material that shines when exposed to the UV light produced by the mercury inside the fluorescent tube.

Advantages of LEDs:  

LEDs are a more effective type of lighting product comprising of small chips of conductive material that discharges light when a current is connected to them. They contain no filaments and can produce up to 25 times more light per watt than conventional light Bulbs. The LED Fluorescent Tubes that we provide requires far less energy in their manufacture than fluorescent tubes. And these LEDs consume only 3% of the energy over their life expectancy that is consumed in their manufacture. They are also produced from non-toxic materials. The tubes are made from polycarbonate, a material that is more powerful and durable than glass, so accidents won’t require extraordinary cleanup systems. While LED technology is more costly than existing fluorescents at face value, they will last up to 10 times as long, while consuming 65% less energy.

Disadvantages of LEDs:

The main drawback is the tighter beam angle of the LEDs, while some tubes are made from a polycarbonate light diffusing material. Others have a narrow focus that may not be appropriate for replacing existing tubes. Numerous fluorescent installations are designed with reflectors that help to distribute the light from the tubes evenly in their expected surroundings. This is an issue similar to what was faced when compact fluorescents began replacing radiant light bulbs. It will soon be overcome and allow faster adoption of this rising lighting technology.

LED Lighting Applications: Energy Efficient Lighting Alternatives

Decorative Lighting Applications:
LED Lighting Products are made in an extensive range of sizes. They are easily adaptable into flexible led strip, as well as flood lights. Their range of colors can be used in various applications to create a colorful environment that can completely transform a standard room or garden into something very impressive.
LED Back Lighting and Up Lighting:
We provide LED flood lights, in ground up lights and LED wall washers that is installed to shine onto various surfaces can create a wide range of different and spectacular effects on buildings, walls, in stadiums and on commercial displays.
Strip Lighting:
LED Strips can be hidden in coves, used under glass shelves, within bottle racks or used to illuminate kitchen bench tops. Strip lights can be strategically placed to create lengths of light in single or various colors. Outstanding and spectacular effects can be created with LED strip lighting, even more so with the introduction of RGB controllers or DMX controllers. They give endless variations of colors and patterns.
LED Fluorescent Replacements:
LED fluorescent tubes are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent tubes, especially in environments such as car parks, offices, warehouses or anywhere there are a large number of fluorescent lamps. Using LED fluorescent lamps can significantly save power and maintenance costs, and can even be used within busses, due to their ability to resist high vibration levels.
LED Down lights:
Our LED down lights products are the best choices to replace standard halogen down lights because they consume only 1/5th of the power of standard halogens. They are also much safer to use due to their heat dissipation being extremely low. LED down lights are capable of light outputs equivalent to conventional methods and can be used in a range of applications such as general household room lighting, convention rooms, hotels, offices and cabinet displays.
LED Flood, Street and High Bay Lighting:
Using LED Products from for flood lighting and street lighting is ideal because of their long life and they don’t need to be replaced as often as conventional lamps. This is a great advantage to LED street lamps in particular, as they usually need expensive equipment to reach the pole mounted fittings. LEDs are able to produce a ultra-white light. This is a brighter, gives more useful output for outdoor lighting. And when compared to the conventional lamp the LEDs produce an orange light that is far superior. Using LED high bay lighting in warehouses can reduce the power and maintenance costs by half, making it an excellent alternative to conventional discharge products.