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Led alarm clock

Led was used in more and more places. Now a new product about led launched—led alarm clock.

The alarm clock is not only can wake up us in the morning but also can be used as a power supply for our phone. Usually if we want charge our phone we need to have a charger as well as a power socket. But now you only need a led alarm clock.

The led alarm clock has two USB outputs, so it can provide power for almost everything with a USB port such as the phone 、tablet PC.

Another character of the led alarm clock is it can not only be charged but also can use AA battery to provide power. You can charge it when not use, if the electricity charged was used up you can use 3 AA batteries to provide power for it.


The importance of some certificates to a trade company

I think as a sales representative of led products we must be very familiar with some certificates ,such as ROHS、UL and so on. Why are we familiar with it? There is no doubt because it is very important.

I think many people may have met some customers who need certificates about the products. For example one of my customer who asked whether our products have been approved by ROHS, if our products haven’t he won’t have cooperation with us.

Besides, as we all know, the products been approved by some organizations like UL will more expensive than those not.

From the above we can see the importance of the certificates to the trade company. It seems be a symbol of quality, which will finally bring big order and more opportunities for the company.

Prospect the trend of LED development

The development of LED Lights industry in our country has some obvious characteristics: as a whole, most of them are run by private enterprise, the employee is young, the speed of profession growth is quick, the ability of technique innovation is strong, the profession market competition is fury and take price as the mainly compete means, the number of scaled framework enterprise is comparatively less.

Buying Guide of led light

1).To choose the led light which is showed“three guarantees” commitment. The system of thee guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products. To purchased the light which is marked CCC certification.

2).The led lights with a complete product identification.

3).To check the power line which whether is marked CCC certification or not.

4). Metal parts of lamps and lanterns should not be exposed. After the light source installed into the light holder, don’t touch it and electrically charged metal lamp holder.

5).To check the led chip, if the direction is right or not. If there is a wear for the lenses or the screen.

The power modular, intelligent design will be a development trend

Nowadays, some high power led driving supply still in usage phase of constant voltage source with constant current module. And as the clients’ requirements on high quality and excellent property, Constant pressure constant current integrated modular products will gradually replace the products which is equipped with constant current module constant-voltage source products. Products will gradually increase the intelligent control function.

Because of the high power LED power supply is mainly used for street lamps, landscape and other public lighting field. Affected by the international financial crisis and debt crisis in Europe and America. In foreign country, Limited investment and growth in the high power led lighting domain, then product sales mainly to the domestic market. As incandescent lamps are disabled in each country, and lighting products are promoted at full blast, the international market will be gradually expand. IN resent years, the company are engaged in the led lighting which is developed rapidly, it is benefit for our country to get into international market fleetly.