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Multicolored RGB colr LED strip

The 5050 strip in RGB color, with the same LED gives different colors. I want to have strips with multicolor bulb on it. IS there strips models like that? Just like some of the Christmas light strings.

Beside the 5050 RGB color LED flexible strip, with 3 in 1 RGB color LED on, the RGB color strip in another form is made the strip with 3differet color LED, 1 RED, 1 Blue and 1 Green. It just likes the holiday themed light string with multicolored bulbs on. For this kind of RGB strip, by working with the relative LED controller can give different combinations of the Red, Green and Blue color.

Are these Infrared lights that you cannot see with human eyes, or are they LED’s that light up?

Are these Infrared lights that you cannot see with human eyes, or are they
LED’s that light up?

The Infrared (IR) light is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, which is not visible as they are in extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum. The LED lights made with the Infrared LED cannot see with human eyes. The similar example we always meet in our daily life like the security camera, the Infrared LED are used in this device.

MADRIX – LED Lighting Control Solutions

The MADRIX® brand brings powerful yet easy-to-use
LED lighting control solutions based on innovative software and hardware to the lighting market.

MADRIX is the LED lighting controller. It is a feature-rich and intuitive Windows® software.
The application is both an effect generator and media server with outstanding capabilities to display unique real-time effects. Endless stunning visuals can be created using pixel mapping and the built-in graphics and render engine.
MADRIX can be used alone, or along with any DMX/MIDI console or desk.
Complementary MADRIX hardware reliably controls your LED installation via MADRIX–the centerpiece of our intuitive products. This provides a seamless integration of both software and hardware and high performance.

WiFi controller solution

I have a case that need to use 3 LED strips nearly but in 3 different places in a same space. For limitation, between the 3lights, no wire can be used. And the 3pcs strip have to be able to work synchronously. SO I want to look for if there is wifi choice for my application.

Two choices are available.
Option #1 Use the 1Master wifi controller and 3Slave WiFi controller, and controlled by your Smart Mobile Phone with the software comes along with the wifi controller package.
For this solution, the Master controller cannot be used to run strips, so for 3strip, need to use 3Slave controller.


Option #2 Use 1Master WiFi controller and 2Slave WiFi controller, and controlled by the Remote comes with the Master WiFi controller.
For using this solution, as for the Master controller can use to load 1pcs strip, so only 2Slave controller.


The battery and the charger

The LED flashlight, some of them use the 18650 chargeable batteries, but there is a small model that uses the 14500 battery. For the charger, how can I use the 18650 charger provided to charge the 14500 battery?
A simple way is to use the fake battery, which also can be named as the extension contact. PLS find below the explanation about how to use the fake battery to reach the target.