Dimming function

A Lesson On Dimming Function of LED Lights

Charpter 1  DC low voltage and AC high voltage dimmable LED lights

The DC low voltage dimmable LED lights, for example those 5V / 12V /24V DC LED lights, like LED flex strips, LED rigid light bars, LED puck lights and so on. Those DC LED lights are Constant voltage LED lights, which means, the working voltage of those lights are fixed. Take the 12V DC LED strip for instant, one 12V DC SMD5050 60LED/Mtr rated in 1.2Amp 14.4Watt LED strip, its working voltage is 12V DC, and need to be powered by 12V DC power source. For 1Mtr, you can use one 12V DC power supply not less than 1.2Amp, 14.4W to power it. If in 5Mtr whose rated power is 14.4Wx5, 1.2Ampx5, you will need to use a 12V DC, 6Amp, 72W power supply to power it.

The AC high voltage dimmable LED lights like LED Bulbs, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED tubes and so on, those are Constant current LED lights of whose . Those lights usually comes with built-in or external dimmable drivers. Those drivers are constant current in 300mA, 700mA, 900mA… (vary for different lights).

 DC&AC dimmable LED lights

Charpter 2  Different dimming methods

Dimming methods (here we mainly talk two kinds that always come contacts with).

1. PWM dimming

The PWM dimming is mainly for DC low voltage LED lights, it needs to use the PWM LED dimmer & Controller, and use the AC 100-240V to DC 12V power supply to power.

2. TRIAC dimming

The TRIAC dimming is mainly for AC high voltage LED lights. To fit the standard Dimmer Switch, it requires the AC high voltage LED lights to be dimmable (usually comes with a built-in or external dimmable driver). And when this TRIAC required for the DC low voltage LED lights, it involves the usage of Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Power Supply.

Below please find wiring digram for different dimming methods for the DC low voltage and AC high voltage LED lights.

***PWM dimming for DC low voltage LED lights


1. AC 100-240V to DC 5V/12V/24V power supply (transformer)

2. DC 5V/12V/24V LED Dimmer/Controller

3. DC 5V/12V/24V dimmable LED lights

***TRIAC dimming for DC low voltage LED lights


1. AC 110/220V Dimmer standard type

2. AC 100-240V to DC 5V/12V/24V Constant Voltage Dimmable Power Supply

3. DC 5V/12V/24V dimmable LED lights

***TRIAC dimming for AC high voltage LED lights


1. AC 110V/220V Dimmer, standard type

2. AC 110/220V Dimmable LED lights (with built-in or external dimmable driver)


RGBW IC 5050-144_7

A lesson on RGB LED light strips and accessories

For the Christmas comes so near, people have beginning to think about decorate their houses for a beautiful and warm winter.

Recently I was asked for what LED lights are good to use for decorating the frame of their houses.Those frequent inquiries make me have this idea to sort out all what I know here to help someone out.

Chapter 1 RGB Multi-color changing LED strip

The RGB Multi-color changing LED strips which also known as 5050 RGB LED strips, those strips are made by SMD5050 RGB LED. This 5050 RGB LED has 3 chips inside, R(red), G(green), B(blue), so when work with compatible LED controller, it can mix to produce multi colors and white color.


Those strips are usually available in 12V or 24V DC, with different LED density, we can get SMD5050-150 per 5Meter, SMD5050-300LED per 5Meter and SMD5050-600LED per 5Meter.

The RGB color strips need to work with compatible RGB LED controller to change the strip color or dim the brightness. There is a vast of LED controllers. From mounting or controlling method, you can have Manual controller, IR or RF wireless RGB controller, Wall Recessed Touch Panel RGB Controller, WIFI smart APP LED Controller and DMX512 controller and so on.

The 12V and 24V DC strip are made 5 meter (16.4ft) per roll the max because if too long a continous run, the voltage drop will cause the back end of the strip dim which make the whole roll strip give bad light consistency. When one project that involves in many rolls of strips and need to control by one single controller, you can use RGB Amplifier , and power each roll of the strip in parallel to make it.

For example, below is a wiring diagram for a project that 25meters of the RGB LED Strips.

(p.s. This is just one way to run, you can run the amplifier after the strip’s tail too.)


Note: When you use the DMX512 controller to control the RGB strip, you need to use the RGB DMX decoder to transfer the SMD512 signal to the one that the LED strip can get. In theory, you can use countless decoder after one DMX512 controller which means with one Master Controller, you can control as many rolls of RGB as possible. Please find below wiring diagram for reference.


In the real installation, you may need to cut the strip to different lengths, or get the strip turning at corner, or have two strips install with a long distance. In those conditions, you will need to use RGB strip connectors, RGB cables. Also you will need different power supplies to fit different cases (wall plug-in type, hard wire type, waterproof type, etc).

Charpter 2 RGBW/RGBWW Multi-color changing LED Strips

In charpter 1 we said that the RGB 5050 LED has 3 chips (R, G, B) inside, so when it mixes to produce different colors, regretfully it can only mix to get cold white color. And as this white color is mixed by R, G, B, so it’s not so pure. In this condition, the RGBW 4in1 5050 LED comes out. This RGBW 5050 LED just as its name it has 4 chips inside, they are R, G, B and W (white). And as t he white color temperature is available for 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, and 6000K pure white (daylight white), so the RGBW can be devided into RGBW (RGB+pure white), RGBNW( RGB+natural white) and RGBWW (RGB+warm white).


There are various choices for RGBW LED controllers to fit your different needs. You can recesse the Touch Panel RGBW controller into wall which is inline with your whole decorative style. And you can use wireless remote controller or WIIF Smart APP controller to save wires and look chic.

The same as RGB LED strips, when installation, you should pay attention to the voltage drop problem. If many rolls in a project, need to use RGBW Amplifiers. And when you use DMX512 controller for the RGBW strips, please don’t forget to use RGBW decoders. And also need to use 5 leads RGBW strip connectors and 5 color lead cable.


Charpter 3  Magic/Dream color IC controlled Addressable RGB LED strips and IC controlled Adressable RGBW LED strips

The RGBW LED strip get the non-pure white light problem solved. But human’s imangination and creativity is amazing. Besides just give some static simple color or simple flash, jump of color changing, what about to have more magic colors and more complicated dymamic lighting modes. Or what’s more to DIY something that can play more complicated moves, like words or videos. Come to this stage, we have the Addressable RGB LED strips and Addressable RGBW LED strips.

图片5 图片6

The Addressable RGB and RGBW strips are made with IC added on the strips. There are many types of IC, like WS2812, UCS1903, SK6812, TM2812, and so on. When select controller for the Addressable strip, please make sure the controller can use for the strips’ IC type.

The Addressable RGB and RGBW strip are available in 5V DC and 12V DC. The 5V DC strip is individually addressable. It means the strip is every 1 LED is a pixel point be controlled by 1 IC, and every 1 LED can be cut. In turn the 12V DC strips is every 3LED as a pixel point be controlled by 1 IC and every 3LED per section can be cut. The more pixel points of the strips, when you use the strip to make screen to play words or video, the higher resolution the images or video will have. So the 5V DC Addressable strips has more pixel points than the 12V DC Addressable strips. But the 5V DC strip limits by the voltage drop factor, the length for each roll will be shorter. For example, the RGBW addressable LED strip has 5V 5050 30LED/M model in 4M/roll, 5V 5050 60LED/M model in 4M/roll, and 5V 5050 144LED/M model in 2M/roll.

The RGB Addressable LED Strip and RGBW Addressable LED strip should work with matched IC LED controllers. For RGB and RGBWW strips, they uses different LED controllers. Usually one controller will make to compatible with many IC types, please check it before place the order. And one controller will have its max controlling pixel point limit, during installation, it’s better to set up the controlling pixel point data to its max.

For example, if the pixel points of the RGB Addressable strips controlled by one dream color LED controller exceed the controller’s max rate, need to add data repeaters. And you can consider to use DMX512 controller and DMX Data decoder.


More information on the Addressable LED Strips, I will sort out in another post.










Waterproof IP67 Power Supply

Fully Potted Waterproof IP67 LED Power Supply for Outdoor or Underwater Use

When install your LED light in hard ambient condition, like outdoor, by pool side, the LED strips light can be made into waterproof directly. And to avoid too far away from the LED lights to the 12 V power supply, which too long distance there is voltage drop cause lights dim, we suggest to put the power supply close to the LED lights. In this case, those waterproof IP67 LED power supplies will solve your concerns. This fully potted IP67 waterproof power supply can also put underwater less than 2 meters deep. Very reliable products.



Waterproof IP67 Power Supply

Addressable LED strips

Addressable RGB and RGBW/RGBWW LED Strip Lights IC controlled Digital Dream Color Tape Lights in 5V/12V DC

Addressable RGB and RGBW/RGBWW LED Strip Lights IC controlled Digital Dream Color Tape Lights in 5V/12V DC

Available in 30LED/Meter, 60LED/Meter and 144LED/Meter 3 different LED density.

The 12V DC version is every 3LED per Pixel Points be addressable while the 5V DC version is 1LED individually addressable.

RGB color addressable and RGBW/RGBWW color addressable 

With compatible LED Controller, those strips can give hundreds of vivid colorful lighting effect.

And what’ s more, it can use to make digital screens to play video or dynamic advertising.


These digital LED Strips are Applicable to people who would like to pursue fashion and romance, for individual creativity and the new apartment decoration, as its soft, light and thin features very suitable for DIY personal space.
Sign LED Lights
Retail LED Lights
Boat LED lighting
Party lighting
Color chasing LED accent lights
Entertainment center LED lights
Addressable LED strips

Save your Energy Bill with UL Approved Replacement LED Retrofit Light Bulbs

We recently launched a product line with All UL&CUL Approved LED Lamps including the 6” LED Retrofit Downlights for Can Fixtures, A19 LED Light Bulb in Medium E26 Screw Base, and the B11 Miniature E12 Base LED Candle Light.

Available in color 2700K Warm White, and 5000K Pure White.

Those are 120V AC dimmable make you can dim it to fit different occasion.

With high color index >80 those lights offer exceptional color consistency and color rendering to enhance colors of focal points,help show natural colors more vibrantly.

25,000 hours life span which will save your maintenance fee.

energy saving

For more details please check links:

Approved LED bulb lights

Recessed LED Retrofit Downlight Kit

UL&CUL Approved LED Lights

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights for your Indoor Garden Greenhouse,Vertical Farm of Lettuce, Hydroponics and Aquatic Systems

Look for LED Grow Lights for your Indoor Garden Greenhouse,Vertical Farm of Lettuce, Hydroponics and Aquatic Systems, click here to get prices.

LED Grow Lights

Vertical Farms
Growth Chambers
Growth Tents
Grow Rooms


Different RED:BLUE Ratio             

***The PHOTOSYNTHESIS absorb the light with wavelength ranged in 380nm-760nm, among which the 610nm-720nm and 400nm-510nm are the absorption peak area.

***The 660nm deap read and 460nm blue LED light combination will give plant suitable growth light. The combination will visually produce pink light.

***For different plants, can adjust the RED:BLUE rate to get the most proper light for the plants.
The light RED: BLUE rated at 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 are good to accelerate the growth of leaf, for plant like Cabbage, Lettuce, Spinach and so on.
The light RED: BLUE rated at 5:1, 6:1 are good for plant that need light fill in the whole growth period, like the Leaf Succulent.
The light RED: BLUE rated at 7:1, 8:1, 9:1 are good to accelerate the growth of root, for plant like Eggplant, Tomato, Long Bean, Color Pepper, Cucumber and so on.

Plant Growth Light Rate-2

Plant Growth Light Rate-1

Plant Growth Light Rate



UV LED Strip

UV (Ultraviolet) LED Strip Light Ideal for UV Curing, Currency Validation, Mosquito killer, Fluorescence disclosing and Medical Field

UV (Ultraviolet) LED Strip Light Ideal for UV Curing, Currency Validation, Mosquito killer, Fluorescence disclosing and Medical Field

You can click here to get prices for different models in various wavelength, wattage and lengths.

UV LED Strip

Wavelength: 365nm-370nm, 370nm-375nm, 375nm-380nm, 380nm-385nm, 385nm-390nm

Available Strip Model:

SDM3528-300, 5 Meter, 12V DC, 2Amp, 24W

SMD3528-600, 5 Meter, 12V DC, 4Amp, 48W

SMD5050-150, 5 Meter, 12V DC, 3Amp, 36W

SMD5050-300, 5 Meter, 12V DC, 6Amp, 72W
UV LED Lights Application

UV Printing
UV Curing
UV Exposure
UV Nail lamp
UV Mosquito killer lamp
Industrial Curing
Fluorescence disclosing and verification
Air Purification
Medical and Biomedical Applications
Currency Validation
Dental Curing and Teeth Whitening
Sterilization and Medical

Warnings and Handling Instructions on UV LED Lights

UV-LEDs emit invisible ultraviolet radiation when in operation, which may be harmful to eyes or skin, even for brief periods. Do NOT look directly into the UV-LED during operation. Be sure that you and all persons in the vicinity wear adequate ” UV ” Safety protection for eyes and skin. If you incorporate a UV-LED into a product, be sure to provide WARNING labels.


Want to know how to select right power supply for LED strips? here is the easiest way!

1:  You need know wattage = current * voltage at first.   for example: 12V 3A power supply = 12*3=36 watt.

2: You need know the LED type of the LED strip you have

SMD3528  0.08W/LED

SMD5050 0.24W/LED  ( SMD5050 = 3 SMD3528)

SMD2835  0.2W/LED

SMD335  0.08W/LED

3: You need know the density and length of the strip you will buy.

for example, if you buy 60LED/meter SMD3528 in 3 meters,http://www.ledlightsworld.com/smd-3528-flexible-led-strips-300-leds-p-90.html   so total 3*60=180LEDs   each LED consume 0.08W  so this strip will need 180*0.08=  14.4W

then you check the power supply, you can find there have 12V 1A 12W and 12V 2A 24W  and 3A  5A version,  in this case, choose the wattage bigger than your strip’s consume wattage.  so choose the 12V 2A 24W power supply for it.   you can buy the power supplies at http://www.ledlightsworld.com/led-power-supply-110220v-ac-to-12v24v5v-dc-p-1000706.html

any problems, please feel free to contact us at info@ledlightsworld.com  we will reply you within 1 working day


We released a new series LED Downlight HKDXB-X 3W to 16W 15 & 60 Degree Lens Available Starting $5.99/pcs

We are happy to let you know we just released a new series LED Downlight  HKDXB-X  3W to 16W  15 & 60 Degree Lens Available  Starting $5.99/pcs  you can order it at http://www.ledlightsworld.com/led-recessed-downlight-kits-c-72_202.html

For bulk orders to get more than 30% discount, please contact us at info@ledlightsworld.com


Experience the LEDs in your Places with Aluminum Profile LED Strip Lights

In LEDs, the lights are emitted naturally, rather than being produced by heat generation. This means that there is not an unnatural yellow or blue tint like in other lighting options. This means your Aluminum Profile Led Strip Lights will draw extremely less power from the grid. LED also allows you to reduce your lighting expenses greatly even if they are vastly improving their lighting quality. A win/win scenario like this is very rare in business, but LEDs make it possible.

Available Choices for Retail Display Lighting:

When considering the actual design of your lighting setup, you will want to look at all of the available options. Aluminum Profile LED Strip Lights are certainly among the most popular choices. In Aluminum Led Profile Housing, Flexible light strips can be great for curved and oddly shaped displays. This is also for outlining a case that has right angles with a single row of lights. For freezers, refrigerators, and other straight lined appliances, many retail owners prefer to use Aluminum Profile LED strip lights. These lights offer a high quality and have the ability to operate flawlessly at any temperature.

Highlighting a Product or Place with LED:

If you are also looking to highlight a certain product within a retail showcase then, you will find a Deep Recessed Aluminum LED Profile spotlight or under cabinet light will be perfect. Low profile lights, under-shelf lighting, and many other are available to ensure the perfect place you want to put it on. These options make it easy to highlight a large display or even the store as a whole by adding attention to a certain product or a certain part of your display.

LEDs Demand in Market:

For a business owner, the Aluminum Profile Led Strip Lighting design means taking time to strike the ideal balance among energy consumption, lighting quality, and placement of light. With LEDs, you will find these three things can be combined seamlessly and perfectly. Aluminum Led Profile Housing is incredibly energy efficient. This also provides light that is vastly superior to other options currently on the market. Take more time to realize, what LED lighting can do for your efficient bills and your overall lighting schematic. And then, you will understand why so many store owners these days are making the switch.

Endless Use of LED Strip Lights: Several Tips to Use LED Lighting for Decoration

LED Lighting is a wonderful way to add the glow of glamour to the premise. But the classic form of lighting may be unfit for people who want to invest in subtle but classy lights. The LED Tube Strip Lighting comes across as a perfect solution to such situations. As the name suggests, LED lighting is all about a long strip of LED bulbs that you can use to decorate different areas.

From highlighting specific parts of your interiors to simply lighting up the premises, LED lights can be used for several purposes. The Small LED Lights looks simple but very classy when it comes to emphasize the overall creative appeal of the area.

Here are a few tips on how to use LED Strip Tubes to decorate the premises:

Choose the area that you want to highlight it. This is the tricky part wherein you have to focus on that area which needs to be in spotlight. If you are relatively new to the concept, seek the advice of interior designers or look up the internet for some guidance. Also, remember to choose the areas that are relatively dull so that, even a small dose of lighting will be able to highlight it beautifully.

Types of LED lighting:

It is important to understand that one type of LED lighting is not going to meet all your requirements. Therefore, the simplest way out of the situation is to identify the purpose of lighting. Here again, there are three basic classifications that you will need to choose from prior to buying your LED Light Strips for Home:

  • Ambient Lighting: This is a kind of lighting where the LED light will be utilized for the overall enlightenment of the entire surrounding. Get the best and reasonable LED Strips Online at www.ledlightsworld.com.
  • Task Lighting: This is the type of lighting that attracts the attention to a particular area such as kitchen counters, washroom mirror, and so on.
  • Ascent Lighting: This is a type of lighting that highlights a specific object like a composition, antiquated vase, and other objects in the room.

Purchasing the LED lights:

While buying LED lighting, be clear about the length that you are searching for. The power of light that you require and accordingly the size of the LED Strip Tube will suit your necessity.


The real installation of LED Strip Tubes is convenient. Since, the greater part of them accompanies a self-cement strip connected to the back. However, you need to guarantee that the surface on which the lighting is to be installed is clean, dry and leveled.


Explaining Several Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Are Popularly Used?

Explaining Several Reasons Why LED Light Bulbs Are Popularly Used?

The innovation and the utilization of LED Light Bulbs or the Light Emitting Diode bulbs are viewed as a major achievement ever. It is one among the best innovations of mankind has ever seen. There are varieties of light bulbs to choose from the best ones for your family. Relying upon where you need to utilize these bulbs, you can look over a wide range. The most recent introduction in the field of bulbs is that of LED bulbs. These bulbs are turned out to be environment friendly, furthermore help you in to save bucks on Electricity.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • With the rise in energy costs, markets are flooded with alternative products that serve better and more effectively. The creation of the LED Light Bulbs is one among such inventive product known to lessen the rise of electric bills. This bulb is really a collection of individual bulbs of various wave lengths producing white light.
  • The light from these bulbs are discharged from a strong solid object that is also called SSL or Solid State Lighting as opposed to a gas or vacuum.
  • The LED lights can be effortlessly introduced as it is adaptable with the majority of the electrical units. These bulbs are used for brightening homes during festivals and celebrations. In addition, these bulbs are accessible in different shapes including rope lights, garlands, etc.

What Are The Benefits of Using LED Lights?

The increase in the use of these bulbs can be attributed to a number of realities that are specified below:

  • Higher Efficiency: Compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs, the LED lights are more proficient and powerful. Also, it saves energy as it requires extensively less amount of energy to heat up.
  • Lesser Heat: These bulbs produce insignificant measure of heat and it can be used for the development of indoor plants. The bulbs are also cool to touch even when lit.
  • Environment Friendly: The LED light Bulbs are referred to be eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit any sort of harmful fumes while burning. It seldom shatters or breaks; it does not contaminate the earth either.
  • Strong and Elastic: Compared to the other light bulbs, these bulbs are dependable and durable. At times it requires substitution as it doesn’t break easily. Unlike the fluorescent bulbs, these bulbs are strong and minimized in size.
  • Resistance: The bulbs are additionally resistant to cold, shock and heat. It can be used for wide number of uses.

Saving Energy with LEDs that are becoming a Choice of Many People

LED lights have become a priority of people these days. People do not like to install other ordinary lights in their houses. All they like is to give their house an elegant look with the latest designs of different LED lights. These are available in different models having different shapes and sizes on our website i.e. www.ledlightsworld.com. LED Fluorescent Tubes have turned out to be common in various houses and as well as offices nowadays. They are too much cheaper than other ordinary lightening systems and are more consistent. Nowadays, individuals are so much stressed over their electricity bills. The typical lightening systems introduced before, used to consume a lot of electricity that results in higher electricity bills. Presently, people are installing these LED tubes since they consume less power and give more output than other lights.

Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps:

Fluorescent lamps use power to energize mercury vapor inside the glass tube and always require a stabilizer to direct the stream of power through the light. A starter is in the circuit to heat the contact closures of the tube that ionizes the mercury vapor creating UV light. The inside of the tube is covered with a phosphor material that shines when exposed to the UV light produced by the mercury inside the fluorescent tube.

Advantages of LEDs:  

LEDs are a more effective type of lighting product comprising of small chips of conductive material that discharges light when a current is connected to them. They contain no filaments and can produce up to 25 times more light per watt than conventional light Bulbs. The LED Fluorescent Tubes that we provide requires far less energy in their manufacture than fluorescent tubes. And these LEDs consume only 3% of the energy over their life expectancy that is consumed in their manufacture. They are also produced from non-toxic materials. The tubes are made from polycarbonate, a material that is more powerful and durable than glass, so accidents won’t require extraordinary cleanup systems. While LED technology is more costly than existing fluorescents at face value, they will last up to 10 times as long, while consuming 65% less energy.

Disadvantages of LEDs:

The main drawback is the tighter beam angle of the LEDs, while some tubes are made from a polycarbonate light diffusing material. Others have a narrow focus that may not be appropriate for replacing existing tubes. Numerous fluorescent installations are designed with reflectors that help to distribute the light from the tubes evenly in their expected surroundings. This is an issue similar to what was faced when compact fluorescents began replacing radiant light bulbs. It will soon be overcome and allow faster adoption of this rising lighting technology.

LED Lighting Applications: Energy Efficient Lighting Alternatives

Decorative Lighting Applications:
LED Lighting Products are made in an extensive range of sizes. They are easily adaptable into flexible led strip, as well as flood lights. Their range of colors can be used in various applications to create a colorful environment that can completely transform a standard room or garden into something very impressive.
LED Back Lighting and Up Lighting:
We provide LED flood lights, in ground up lights and LED wall washers that is installed to shine onto various surfaces can create a wide range of different and spectacular effects on buildings, walls, in stadiums and on commercial displays.
Strip Lighting:
LED Strips can be hidden in coves, used under glass shelves, within bottle racks or used to illuminate kitchen bench tops. Strip lights can be strategically placed to create lengths of light in single or various colors. Outstanding and spectacular effects can be created with LED strip lighting, even more so with the introduction of RGB controllers or DMX controllers. They give endless variations of colors and patterns.
LED Fluorescent Replacements:
LED fluorescent tubes are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent tubes, especially in environments such as car parks, offices, warehouses or anywhere there are a large number of fluorescent lamps. Using LED fluorescent lamps can significantly save power and maintenance costs, and can even be used within busses, due to their ability to resist high vibration levels.
LED Down lights:
Our LED down lights products are the best choices to replace standard halogen down lights because they consume only 1/5th of the power of standard halogens. They are also much safer to use due to their heat dissipation being extremely low. LED down lights are capable of light outputs equivalent to conventional methods and can be used in a range of applications such as general household room lighting, convention rooms, hotels, offices and cabinet displays.
LED Flood, Street and High Bay Lighting:
Using LED Products from www.ledlightsworld.com for flood lighting and street lighting is ideal because of their long life and they don’t need to be replaced as often as conventional lamps. This is a great advantage to LED street lamps in particular, as they usually need expensive equipment to reach the pole mounted fittings. LEDs are able to produce a ultra-white light. This is a brighter, gives more useful output for outdoor lighting. And when compared to the conventional lamp the LEDs produce an orange light that is far superior. Using LED high bay lighting in warehouses can reduce the power and maintenance costs by half, making it an excellent alternative to conventional discharge products.

Light Up the Room: Why LED Downlights Will Always Serve Your Home Well

Light Up the Room: Why LED Downlights Will Always Serve Your Home Well

contributed by Emma Jacques

Downlighting has long been a trendy design feature in offices, bars and hotel suites the world over and in recent years, it has become increasingly popular in the home too. LED downlights are your best bet for adding subtle style to your home without the headaches that come with traditional halogen bulbs. Traditional halogen downlights and ceiling fixtures sap energy and money from your household and are far from reliable. LED bulbs on the other hand use up to 90% less energy than traditional light sources (and they actually perform longer too!) Whether you use LEDs to highlight the decorative elements in your home or make dim areas of a room safer and more inviting, energy-efficient LED downlights will not disappoint.

Setting the Mood

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights provide a broad range of ‘colour temperatures’, i.e. a larger scale of colour hues ranging from ‘warm’ white light to ‘cold’ blue. In a domestic setting, this scale of colour temperature makes all the difference between achieving an appropriately inviting and homely atmosphere to the harsh, invasive kind of light that is typically reserved for museum display cabinets.

This wide spectrum of correlated colour temperature (CCT) enables you to light each room suitably, ensuring that each room can function as well as possible. LED downlights can be used en masse to flood kitchen work surfaces for a cook-friendly space, for example, or used sparingly to illuminate an office or work environment. What’s more, many LED bulbs are dimmable – an attractive feature in the modern home where the ability to enhance the mood with lighting is more essential than ever.

Adding Value and Interest to the Home

LEDs are not known merely for their green credentials – they also have very creative design potential. LED lighting has the ability to transform dull corners of the home into tidy and streamlined areas with the aid of a few well-placed downlights. Recessed down lighting in particular is ideal for accentuating focal points of the home such as the staircase or hallway. Homes with character and personality are the ones that take great pride in personal possessions and downlights can perfectly compliment this.                                                                                                     As well as winning the admiration of visitors, LED lighting provides the perfect opportunity to influence buyers and viewers when you come to sell on your property. Downlights may be used to accentuate and exhibit artwork and other decorative pieces to give them more presence and cut corners to achieve a luxe feel. This false luxury can also extend to your home’s exterior too. Revamp garden walkways and patios with soft illuminating downlights to create the illusion of expense at a fraction of the cost.

Won’t Contribute to Heat

With the frequent heat waves that accompany the summer months, the average American household can accumulate a considerable amount of heat in a typical year and this is not helped by large volumes of high powered electric lighting. Typical incandescent bulbs in the home can produce an 11 degree F rise in just one hour whilst on. This will obviously vary depending on how well ventilated or large the room is but the fast rate in which they heat up is staggering nonetheless. In contrast, LED bulbs stick to a consistent and cool temperature, owing to the aluminium struts surrounding the lower bulb known as ‘heat sinks’. This helps keep the bulbs operating at a low temperature, ensuring they won’t overheat or burnout as so many traditional incandescent bulbs do.

Stretch Your Savings

Don’t be discouraged by the initial high price tag of LED light bulbs. LEDs are a far smarter investment than any other lighting option as you will soon start to notice upon receiving your monthly utility bills. Due to their exceptional lifespan (between 30,000 and 50,000 hours) maintenance is minimal and the savings you recoup will amount to roughly $50 per light fixture per year that you switch to LED bulbs. When you consider that around 25% of our average household costs are down to lighting, the long-term savings and increased performance of LED downlights can transform how you choose to decorate your home’s interior as well as your outdoor space.

Led alarm clock

Led was used in more and more places. Now a new product about led launched—led alarm clock.

The alarm clock is not only can wake up us in the morning but also can be used as a power supply for our phone. Usually if we want charge our phone we need to have a charger as well as a power socket. But now you only need a led alarm clock.

The led alarm clock has two USB outputs, so it can provide power for almost everything with a USB port such as the phone 、tablet PC.

Another character of the led alarm clock is it can not only be charged but also can use AA battery to provide power. You can charge it when not use, if the electricity charged was used up you can use 3 AA batteries to provide power for it.


The importance of some certificates to a trade company

I think as a sales representative of led products we must be very familiar with some certificates ,such as ROHS、UL and so on. Why are we familiar with it? There is no doubt because it is very important.

I think many people may have met some customers who need certificates about the products. For example one of my customer who asked whether our products have been approved by ROHS, if our products haven’t he won’t have cooperation with us.

Besides, as we all know, the products been approved by some organizations like UL will more expensive than those not.

From the above we can see the importance of the certificates to the trade company. It seems be a symbol of quality, which will finally bring big order and more opportunities for the company.

Prospect the trend of LED development

The development of LED Lights industry in our country has some obvious characteristics: as a whole, most of them are run by private enterprise, the employee is young, the speed of profession growth is quick, the ability of technique innovation is strong, the profession market competition is fury and take price as the mainly compete means, the number of scaled framework enterprise is comparatively less.

Buying Guide of led light

1).To choose the led light which is showed“three guarantees” commitment. The system of thee guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products. To purchased the light which is marked CCC certification.

2).The led lights with a complete product identification.

3).To check the power line which whether is marked CCC certification or not.

4). Metal parts of lamps and lanterns should not be exposed. After the light source installed into the light holder, don’t touch it and electrically charged metal lamp holder.

5).To check the led chip, if the direction is right or not. If there is a wear for the lenses or the screen.

The power modular, intelligent design will be a development trend

Nowadays, some high power led driving supply still in usage phase of constant voltage source with constant current module. And as the clients’ requirements on high quality and excellent property, Constant pressure constant current integrated modular products will gradually replace the products which is equipped with constant current module constant-voltage source products. Products will gradually increase the intelligent control function.

Because of the high power LED power supply is mainly used for street lamps, landscape and other public lighting field. Affected by the international financial crisis and debt crisis in Europe and America. In foreign country, Limited investment and growth in the high power led lighting domain, then product sales mainly to the domestic market. As incandescent lamps are disabled in each country, and lighting products are promoted at full blast, the international market will be gradually expand. IN resent years, the company are engaged in the led lighting which is developed rapidly, it is benefit for our country to get into international market fleetly.